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Water Recalim System


PW100 Series (30 GPM) single bay high pressure for friction automatic wash applications (5 micron quality water).

Key Features

  • VFD Driven Continuous Duty Motor
  • Self Priming Pump
  • High Efficiency Cyclonic Separators
  • 5 Micron Water Output
  • Recirculation Technology for odor control
  • Powder Coated Frame
  • Control Signal Activation
  • Automatic Fresh Water Bypass
  • HMI - User Friendly Text Screen for Instant Access to System Status
  • Self Flushing Underflow Orifice
  • Motorized Ball Valve Monitoring
  • Breathers - Keeps Components Cool and Increases Life


Water Requirements
PVC (2) 2" PVC Suction lines, one for use and one for spare, to come up from settling tanks to the right of the recirculation with 2" PVC full flapper check valves at end, 2" unions above water line. (1) 2" line out to the wash manifold. (1) 1" Line to return to the second chamber of the first reclaim tank for ozone. (1) 1" Line to return to the catch basin for the underflow of the PurWater succession filters.
Reclaim Maximum Output 30 GPM
Reclaim Pump 3 HP Sta-Rite - Amp draw at (208/230 Volt = 2 ) / 3 HP Sta-Rite - Amp draw at (460/480 Volt = 3.7)
Pump Voltage 208-230 Volts or 460-480 Volts (depending on site specifications)
Dimensions 48" W x 84" H x 16" D
Net Weight 700 Lbs. (including crate)

Electrical Requirements
Reclaim Pump and VFD (1) 208/230 Volt 30 Amp or 460/480 Volt 20 Amp Three phase circuits to be hard wired 5 feet up from the floor to the right of the system.
(PLC) - Logic Controller (1) 120 Volt 20 Amp Single phase
Conduit (1) 1" Conduit from reclaim equipment control box to front of the last tank (for floats). (1) .5" Conduit from each carwash equipment control box to send a control voltage signal to PurWaters repressurization power box. Control wiring from carwash controller (110V is default, 110vac, 24vac and 24vdc avail.) to be wired into control box on frame.
Tank Configuration
Double tank configuration


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