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MaxAir® Dryers


The PDQ MaxAir Integrated Dryer takes all of the features of the stand alone system and tightly integrates them into the bridge or gantry of the car wash. The two oscillating producers distributes high velocity air columns evenly across the vehicles surface for a superior dry.


  • Touchfree Dryer
  • Driest car possible in all climates
  • Two or Four 7.5HP motors (15HP or 30HP total)
  • Integrated dryers are built into bridge or gantry - ideal for smaller wash bays
  • SwingAir option oscillates to sweep water from surface of vehicle


ProTouch AutoGloss

2 Producer SwingAir Integrated Dryer (09040134)
4 Producer Total - (2 SwingAir + 2 Fixed Side) Integrated Dryer (09040132)

ProTouch Tandem

2 Nozzle On-Board MaxAir Dryer (09040043/106/104)
4 Nozzle On-Board MaxAir Dryer (09040038/49/102)

LaserWash AutoXpress

2 Nozzle Frame Mounted MaxAir Dryer w/ SwingAir (09040174)
4 Nozzle Frame Mounted MaxAir Dryer (Includes control panel) (09040124)
4 Nozzle Frame Mounted MaxAir Dryer w/ SwingAir (Includes control panel) (09040175)

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